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2 Big Reasons The Investing Playbook Is Outdated

Back in 1909, when radio was still in its infancy and steam ships were big news, the U.S. replaced Britain to become the economic leader of the century. The world’s financial headquarters were officially in New York, not London. Globalization shifts power to the east However, in the 21st Century, especially during and after the [...]

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Private Equity Vs. Hedge Funds––The Implications of Investors’ Expectations

Private equity and hedge funds are both attractive options for high-net worth individuals, with many requiring a minimum of $250,000 in investments. However, while they have a couple of similarities, the two are fundamentally different types of funds. Sometimes it’s unclear which of the two is the better option. Let’s look at the key differences, [...]

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How Structured Products Secure the American Dream

It’s 9 years later, and we can still feel the impact of the 2008-2009 financial downturn. Many people blamed structured products for the crisis.  In reality, the real fault lies within loose underwriting standards and corporate greed. The lingering association, while no longer completely accurate in the here and now, is a large hurdle to [...]

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Troy Dixon Honored in 2016 “Tomorrow’s Titans” List

Every two years, Ernst & Young’s (EY) Hedge Fund Journal names 50 allocators, brokers, advisors, and advisors as their “Tomorrow’s Titans”. The journal spotlights the industry’s champions of the new and dynamic in the hedge fund space. Those named in the prestigious collective have not been featured in past installments of the four-year old journal, [...]

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Troy Dixon: How Regulation Is Increasing Competition Among Hedge Funds

In the aftermath of 2008 and the implementation of the UA Dodd-Frank Act, the hedge fund landscape has been permanently altered. Now forced to abide by the rules and restrictions of the European AIFMD, larger hedge funds have had to give up some of their more effective tactics, like using leverage as a tool to [...]

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